Wilsons Fine Woodworking is located just north of the small artisan community of Warkworth, Northumberland County, Ontario.

Wilsons Fine Woodworking specializes in carefully designed and customized woodworking; including business signsantique door replication, cabinetry, century-old trim replication,  woodturning or repairing / modifying timeworn pieces. (Other services offered below)

Challenging projects are especially welcomed. 

Other Services Offered

Shop Set-up:

Perhaps you have a woodworking shop or are planning to build one, then consider a consultation to discuss shop set-up essentials, including safety recommendations. We also can design and install dust removal systems for woodworking shops.  At Wilsons we can help you avoid costly mistakes with careful planning. 

Shop or Garden Tool, Knife and Scissor Sharpening:

Wilsons Fine Woodworking offers a complete sharpening service. There is nothing safer than a properly sharpened knife.  (See price guide)

Business Display Solutions:

Eye-catching display cabinets, shelving or signs can be designed with your input,  therefore guaranteeing uniqueness.